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This seems too good to be true. Is OnCamera for Real? Is this really possible? Is this some kind of joke... or scam?

OnCamera is absolutely real, and is already keeping people safe in the real world. OnCamera is the result of years of collaboration between organizations fighting violence, private security experts, law enforcement veterans, developers, and others. To apply for membership, please visit


We have had our safety app available for a year and a half on both app stores. We are about to launch the new version of the app, expected late October/early November. At that time, the new app will go live on the app store with many new features. Please let us know if you would like to be a beta tester before then. Thank you.

Is OnCamera offered by the local police department?

OnCamera is independent of your local police department. It provides an enhanced service directly to you. OnCamera First Officers have spent decades serving as police officers before joining our team to serve YOU. OnCamera is a privately created organization with a mission of making the world safer. The OnCamera First Officer service is not provided by your local police department. In the event that you need and want 911 dispatched to your location, our First Officers contact local law enforcement.

Are OnCamera First Officers real police officers?

First Officers officers are trained 'REAL' police officers and are NOT active duty police officers, meaning that their only obligation on a call is to YOU. All OnCamera first officers have prior experience of police service and training, typically veterans with decades of active police service. They do not work for the police department, they work for you, and are not subject to constraints such as mandatory reporting requirements. Rightly or wrongly, many people have fear or apprehension about police officers. Police officers have a difficult role in society: they are protectors, but they are also enforcers. In many instances, when responding to a 911 call, sworn police officers are required to arrest the person who made the call (for example if they are involved in illegal activity themselves).

This is brilliant -- best idea ever. Thank you!

You're welcome. We appreciate the enthusiasm. We've spent years of our lives making this happen.

This won't work / is a stupid idea / only a gun would really stop someone

Many self-proclaimed experts are eager to offer their opinion. What we offer is real-world expertise and real-world facts. Members of our team have been involved in countless thousands of real-world crime situations. They have provided OnCamera to their own family members because they believe in it. We have seen OnCamera working in real-world situations to stop real-world assaults and prevent crime.

What platforms / phones does OnCamera work on?

OnCamera can currently be used on iOS (recommended iPhone 5 and later, iPad 2 and later), and Android.

How do I access videos that I recorded?

The goal of OnCamera is to enhance safety, and to prevent violence. It is not a video sharing site. All user videos are stored on our command center secure servers. They are not made available to users except for the purpose of providing safety-related information or evidence. After considerable discussion with experts regarding the most appropriate handling of user videos, videos are only made available when requested by BOTH the user in question and the 'appropriate authority'. The appropriate authority will vary depending on the circumstance, but examples include police, a judge, or a school principle. Who is an appropriate authority and how they demonstrate this to us will be deemed acceptable by OnCamera in it's sole judgment. We have designed this policy to prevent the app being used for cyber-bullying, or a video captured in the heat of the moment from going viral and ruining someone's life before the person posting it has thoroughly thought through the potential consequences. For example, think about the potential devastating consequences of someone capturing, downloading and posting a video in a moment of anger during the middle of an argument -- perhaps a video that does not show the appropriate context surrounding the situation. This could lead (and has lead in many previous cases) to grave and inappropriate damage to the person shown in the video. The person shown can be effectively tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without a jury, without due process, and without full information disclosure. Once done, this type of harm can often never be fully repaired. If you want to capture videos to share with friends, there are a variety of other apps designed for that purpose.

How do I sign up for First Officer Service?

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